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Lowell High School


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Lowell High School

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Lowell High School

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Game Summary

1 month ago @ 11:04AM

Boys Varsity Skiing Compete at Conference Meet

Game Date
Feb 21, 2023

The Red Arrows raced a full conference championship race on Tuesday to end out the regular race season.  

The team took 9th in GS

Top 10 finishers: Cooper Byrne in 4th

Scoring: Cooper Byrne, Ramsey Ponchaud, Anders Melby and Mitchell Swint

The team took 5th in slalom

Top 10 finishers: Colton Byrne in 4th

Scoring: Colton Byrne, Cooper Byrne, Anders Melby and Ramsey Ponchaud

Colton and Cooper Byrne will compete at the Division 2 State Finals on Monday, Feb. 27th. Good luck to both!

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