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Lowell High School

Lowell High School

Fight Songs

Current Fight Song

“Go Arrows” – Written by Paul Balaam (1972).

Go Red Arrows – Lowell Red Arrows
It’s not hard to see
That the Red Arrows – Lowell Red Arrows
Will bring home the Victory
You know that everyone here will Stand Up and Cheer
For everybody knows
It’s a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y for the Red Arrows

Previous Fight Songs 

“Varsity” – J. Fred Lawton and Earl V. Moore (1921), adapted from the University of Michigan

Men of Lowell high on to victory,

Every man in every play.

Lowell high expects her Varsity to win today.

Rah rah rah rah rah.

We’re for Lowell high.

Lowell high, Down the Field,

Never yield*,

Raise High our shield,

March on to victory for Lowell High

And the Red and White

Oh Lowell High, We’re for you,

Here for you to cheer for you,

We have no fear for you,

Oh Lowell High!

* – Never Yield is an homage to the Red Arrow Infantry in WWII and their courageousness.



This final fight song is our oldest, and was written by Arthur Brown (Class of 1916). Republished as it was written back then.

1. We liken thee unto a jewel, Oh High School, pride of ours,

A ruby or a crystal rare, possessed of wondrous powers,

And gladly now we give to thee, this tribute of thy worth

For to us, grand old Lowell High, you’re the choicest of gem of earth.

2. As in thy mystic depths we peer, with eager steadfast look,

We grow in knowledge like the Seer, from every kind of book.

Through the gloom of ignorance, thy rays shine in the night.

And guide our quick’ning footsteps on, ever toward the light.

3. And when at last we pass thee on for others to possess,

A heritage, a talisman, our pride, old L.H.S.

The knowledge given us by thee shall surely fructify,

We’ll do our best, be it East or West for our matchless Lowell High.

CHORUS: To each and every one of us “Old Lowell” means the same,

A treasure which we all may share and which we all may claim.

Whether or not we find our goals in life’s vast wilderness,

We’ll ne’er forget the red and white, our dear L.H.S.



Information compiled by Fred Lenger, “Lowell High School Football 1900-2013, The History, The Tradition, The People“.