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Lowell High School


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Lowell High School

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Lowell High School

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Lowell High School

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Posted 3.0 years ago @ 6:25PM

Equestrian Wins MIHA Division A State Championship

Lowell Equestrian Team pulled away early from the competition at the MIHA State Championship and beat the nearest competition, Caledonia (2nd Place) by over 90 points earning 397 points over the 4-day competition at Midland Fairgrounds.  The Equestrian Team is MIHA Division A State Champions!  Members of the team include:

Emily German

Chloe Jones

Eliot Raimer

McKenna Grody

Ella Limbers

Annika Sandman

Ellie Sandman - Senior

Lena Schlientz - Senior

Emma Hancock - Senior

Isabelle Misner - Senior

Riley Taylor

Alyssa Woern

Coaches include Head Coach: Holli Melton and Assistant Coaches, Kendra Black, Gina Guiliano, Dori Schleintz, Kathy Covert, Mackinzie Whaley and Mike Elliot 


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