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6 months ago @ 4:53PM

2019 Scholar Athletes Named

At the Senior Honors Night on May 14, 2019, the athletic department honored 49 OK Conference Scholar Athletes.  This honor goes to a senior athlete with a 3.5 cumulative GPA, participated in at least four (4) athletic seasons, and earned a varsity letter during his or her senior year.

Nichole Anheuser

Lauren Aud

Danielle Barnes

Joslynn Battle

Kyle Bibbler

Anneke Breuker

Connor Cater

Amber Clouse

Gavin Coxon

Regan Coxon

Jordan Dent

Kenzie DeRaad

Ella Dougherty

Tristan Fogarty-Thomas

Marlie Fowler

Ava Frederickson

Harlie Gerth-McMullin

Lexi Gonzales

Jaki Hayes

Carly Hoekstra

Aly Holdridge

Jaren Hough

Callie Ingram

Ashleigh Jarrard

Olivia Kamradt

Karsten Kirkendall

Allyson Lange

Jeff Leach

Emily Lothian

Gramm McCormack

Maddie Melle

Corah Miller

Eric Mooney

Haley Nieuwkoop

Trevor Petroelje

Zackery Post

Isabel Remar

Robby Schneider

Calvin Simmet

Gabe Smith

Kylee Stephens

Nick Struckmeyer

Emily Stump

Alex Taylor

Philip Thompson

Mike VandenHout

Nathan VanDeWeert

Abby White

Mason Winters






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